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FAQ's Exist for a Reason

Due to the fact that I keep getting questions (once a week) from people who are too lazy to read the FAQ or don't understand what they read, I want to make one thing perfectly clear:

This is a review site.

The doujinshi listed are NOT FOR SALE. I may occasionally sell doujinshi but I only sell the doujinshi listed on my For Sale page. Like I said in the FAQ, if it's not on the For Sale page, then it isn't for sale. It's really quite simple.

The For Sale page is open again. Only a few in there at the moment but I'm working on getting more ready to sell.


Do NOT use any image from this site for layouts, icons, etc.


I have a problem. I'm addicted to Harry Potter doujinshi. Actually, I'm addicted to doujinshi in general but my major focus is Harry Potter doujinshi. During the two years I lived in Japan, I managed to amass an insane number of doujinshi. While I can't hope to rival Kagenami Q's massive 6000+ doujinshi collection (not sure if I'd want to) but I'm guessing my collection is around 1000 doujinshi now.

Since there are a lot of Harry Potter doujinshi and a lot of people who buy them, I decided to create a page so that other doujinshi addicts can judge for themselves what's worth buying.

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